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Pride of the clan; Scourge of the clan: Uchiha Itachi

Singed wind blows across my face, fate tells of another bloody massacre today.

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Uchiha Itachi.
Male. 24. Member of Akatsuki. sharinganheir's spare.
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Physical Description: Itachi is no extremist, refusing to wear the layers upon layers look that his teacher and some other ninja wear. His clothes are light and functional, merely black pants and a matching shirt with bits of netting along the edges of the sleeves and neck. When on a mission, he will wear the Akatsuki cloak over these things. His ninja tools are mostly stored in the traditional ninja pouch at his hip, though he wears his katana—a slender, polished blade that is as long as his outstretched arm, and crafted to specialize in quick, short cuts and stabs—sheathed over his right shoulder, on his back.

Itachi looks physically almost the same as his counterpart native to this world, with his slight but lithe body and ridges under his eyes, though there are a few differences. For one, his hair is longer, the lengthy tresses reaching to almost the small of his back. The only other significant difference is that there is a burn mark about the width of a finger, stretching from his right cheekbone to his chin. It is a reminder of the blood contract that he and Madara have, and though faded it still noticeable to most people, and the mark looks as though it was branded on immediately after the spot was slashed open by a kunai. Itachi’s Sharingan is almost perpetually activated, the only exceptions being when he is sleeping and when he is on a mission and wishes to go unnoticed.
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Personality: Itachi’s view of life used to be bland and resentful, completely separated from any and everyone else due to his power. While some aspects of this view still remain, he has found his place in the world now, and would protect it with everything he has. He is very opinionated on certain subjects, believing firmly that the traditions of the Uchiha before the merge with the Senju—while perhaps not being morally right—were effective to the point that it did not matter.

Sasuke—particularly the one of his world--brings out a twisted possessiveness in Itachi, as he feels that the boy is his spare, and no one else should be able to touch him. Mixed with Itachi’s perpetual striving for power, these twisted feelings, when they manifest, can take on a demented tinge.

A trained killer, Itachi is ruthless and cunning, and lets his guard down around almost no one. The only person that he trusts is his teacher and liege lord, Madara. Itachi is very loyal to Madara, even above the length that the blood contract requires, and is willing to do just about anything for the man who gave him a place and purpose in life.
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Background: Born into the prestigious Uchiha clan, from birth there were many challenges and expectations for Itachi to overcome. From a very young age, he had no trouble completing these challenges and rising above them. In fact, as a mere five year old, Itachi performed the Grand Fireball Jutsu, solidifying to his stunned clan the fact that he was a prodigy. From that moment on, his father pushed him, showing off the genius that his son had to everyone who would look. And the number of those people was many. Despite the attention, Itachi felt unfulfilled and separate from his family, a feeling that only grew as he did, rising through the ranks as a ninja at a rate unparalleled in his generation. With each step up the ladder of power, the clan began to fear him, and to edge away from him both physically and emotionally. They denied him further steps up in power—in their subtle way, of course—while still flaunting him to the village. Itachi began to hate them. He was not strong enough, would never be strong enough in this environment, and nothing even presented a challenge to him anymore.

That is, until approximately halfway through Itachi’s eleventh year of existence, when he met Madara. The man made himself known during one of Itachi’s solo missions, and made an offer. He would make Itachi truly powerful, and teach him of how the Uchiha used to be, before the sickness of the Senju polluted their veins. Itachi was wary at first, but accepted the terms, becoming Madara’s apprentice. Over time, with his missions for the Uchiha and Konoha’s ANBU, as well as training with Madara, Itachi began to feel his power rising significantly. During this time, many of Itachi’s ideals changed, having been made more aware of the ridiculousness of the current Uchiha through Madara’s stories of the past. He began making plans, not even informing his mentor at first.

When Itachi petitioned Madara to assist him in wiping out the Uchiha clan, Madara was completely unsurprised but pleased. In fact, he was so pleased that he promised Itachi to enter into a blood contract with him, after the massacre was complete. This would bind the two’s loyalties and goals together for the rest of their lives. It also was very symbolic to Itachi, showing him that if nowhere else, he would always have a place in the world next to Madara. And so he agreed.

The massacre went exactly as planned, Shisui dying early to provide Itachi with the first step of his plan, and the only survivor being the one that would bring to fulfillment that plan, the resurrection of the ancient Uchiha traditions. He had always felt a sort of twisted sense of protectiveness for Sasuke, and now he knew why. They were each other’s spares, after all; so feeling that he did not want anyone else to hurt the boy was natural.

Madara completed the blood contract with Itachi right after the massacre, binding the two of them together as the harbinger and bringer of the destruction that they would eventually bring upon Konoha itself. After this, Itachi joined the organization Madara had founded, Akatsuki, as a cover to be near the man and to further both of their goals.

Much time passed, and only a short time before Itachi found himself in a new world, he completed his goal with a final confrontation with Sasuke. He achieved the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, killing Sasuke in the process.
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Ninja Information
Official Rank/Special Rank: S-Rank; Missing-nin
Chakra Elemental Affinity: Katon is Itachi’s sole affinity, but because of his Sharingan, he possesses some techniques of other styles. (Doton and Suiton, mostly.)
Favored weapon and/or fighting style? Most of the time Itachi’s preferred weapon is the katana that he always carries around with him. Though, in medium to large-scale battles, he prefers to keep enemies from getting too close and crowding him, so he will use ninjutsu or genjutsu in these cases.

Specializes in: Genjutsu (Illusionary)

Bloodline/Clan: Itachi possesses the Sharingan (Which, to name a few, gives the ability to read and copy attacks almost instantaneously, copy handseals, and hypnotize an opponent.), the Mangekyou Sharingan (The special techniques of which are Amaterasu, a black flame that cannot be destroyed for 7 days and nights, Tsukuyomi, a Genjutsu that leaves the victim subject to the user’s every whim, and Susanoo, a giant apparition-like summon with a sword and shield.), and the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (Which stabilizes the Mangekyou, keeping the user from going blind).

Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts): 5 Taijutsu (Hand to Hand): 4
Genjutsu (Illusions): 5 Intelligence: 5
Force (Power): 2.5 Speed: 5
Stamina (Chakra Amount): 2 Seals: 5

This is a roleplay journal for Itachi Uchiha from the anime Naruto, played by saiyaness104